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The Solavore™ Sport was purpose-built by solar-cooking experts for maximum efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Weighing 9 pounds and measuring 12 ¼” high by 27 ¼” long by 17” wide, the Sport is lightweight and portable. Oven temperatures typically range from 210º – 260º F, maxing out at 300º F. In other words, hot enough for slow-cooked goodness (food cooks starting at 180º F) but not hot enough to burn dinner. It simmers like a crock pot and bakes like an oven.

The Sport comes with a pair of 9-inch covered, black, graniteware cooking pots and optional reflectors for concentrating sunlight under less-than-ideal solar conditions, such as when trees or clouds partially block the sun. As a rule of thumb, cooking time is twice as long as conventional methods, with an additional half hour for the solar oven to preheat.


Designed to be lightweight and durable, the Sport’s one-piece base is made from injection-molded resin under 1,000 tons of pressure. It has been reinforced with glass fibers to prevent heat degradation and crushing. A black, powder-coated aluminum liner soaks up sunlight, converting it to heat energy for cooking.


Heat retention is critical for performance. With an R-value of 6.5, the Sport leads the solar-oven market in insulation. Its one-inch-thick layer of rigid foam, sandwiched between liner and base, is impervious to water, thanks to thousands of tiny, sealed, air holes—a key design feature since solar cooking generates steam and humidity. 


A clear, double-layer insulated lid helps the oven retain heat while letting in maximum sunlight. Made from a durable vacuum-formed polymer, it features a snug-fitting lip (held fast by metal clips) and a layer of solar film to create the one-inch insulating air layer.

Into-the-Box Thinking 

The Sport may look like a plain black box, but looks can be deceiving. Years of engineering experience and testing went into designing the Sport’s base, boosting its functionality on multiple levels.

Two-pot cooking. 

Thanks to its rectangular footprint, the Sport is one of the only solar ovens large enough to hold two pots at once, a boon for cooks across cultures.


No tip-over. 

The broad footprint and low center of gravity make it aerodynamically and physically stable, preventing tip-over due to high winds or rambunctious kids.


All-season cooking. 

The Sport is designed to cook at a 30-degree slant for direct, overhead summertime sun. When placed on its side, the angle increases to 60 degrees for capturing lower-angled winter sun.


Shipping optimization. 

The base’s trapezoidal shape allows multiple ovens to be stacked. Up to 2,000 units fit into a standard 40-foot container, maximizing shipping efficiency and potential impact overseas in developing countries, where the Sport is most needed.

I knew that I wanted a solar cooker — we live in L.A., so there’s really no excuse not to have one. I looked around online and found that yours had the best long-term reviews — no off-gassing, no peeling of the insides.
I’ve been surprised at how many people in L.A. have never even heard of a solar cooker. I feel like this city is a market for you waiting to happen!
— Maraya C. Los Angeles, CA