Solavore believes in profit with a purpose.  Every solar oven purchased helps to fund a Solavore Sport somewhere in the world where an open fire is still the main kitchen appliance.  


Four principles guide our outreach in the developing world:

  1. We’re all creatures of habit, we love tradition.  As such, Solavore gracefully introduces solar cooking as an alternative to wood fires, respecting generational customs.  Recognizing that need motivates change, we direct our efforts to regions where wood-gathering is increasingly time-consuming, dangerous, and habitat-destroying.
  2. The Solavore Sport is a perfect match for one-pot, slow-cooked meals, so we’re in countries where the local cuisine simmers rather than fries.
  3. People value greater what they earn than what they’re handed out – it’s human nature.  So we’re incubating local entrepreneurs rather than building channels of donation.
  4. Partner with successful local organizations, leveraging their know-how, lessons-learned, and boots on the ground.  Collaborate with development agencies, international financial institutions and NGO’s seeking private-sector social enterprise partners.

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