Benefits of Solar Ovens

There are many benefits of solar ovens and using sun ovens. Here are Ten Great Reasons to start cooking with the Solavore Sport solar oven. 


  1. Fuel-free, planet-friendly: The only fuel ever required is sunshine.
  2. Easy: If you can use a crockpot, you can cook with the Solavore Sport.  No burning. Food is tasty and clean up is a breeze.
  3. Feed a crowd:  With the Sport’s two 3-qt pots you can feed 8-10 people.  Or use one pot for spicy jerk chicken and the other for savory long grain organic brown rice.  Or bake a two-layer carrot cake from scratch (we’ll share our recipe). 
  4. Healthy:  Food cooks slowly, no boiling.  No vitamins leached away.  And you’ll notice the taste difference: moist, tender, and intense flavors. CLICK HERE FOR SOLAR COOKING RECIPES
  5. Safe: No fire or smoke. It won’t tip over or blow over.  Curious little hands won’t get burned.
  6. Portable: At just 9 pounds, take it with you. Dinner’s ready before you get your hiking boots off!
  7. Fun: Nobody is stuck in the kitchen.  The Sport - and the sun - do the work. 
  8. Be prepared:  The Solavore Sport can pasteurize water and cook dinner in the event of a disaster or emergency.
  9. Proven: We’ve used the same design for over 15 years.  It’s the favorite among solar cooking experts around the world.
  10. Doing good:  When you buy a Sport you help to put out an indoor cooking fire somewhere in the world.  Save trees, make a family healthy.  Now that could be the most important reason of all to buy a Solavore Sport.

We hope you now see all of the benefits of solar ovens. To start cooking with a solar oven Shop Now

 No one gets stuck in the kitchen when you cook outside with the Solavore Sport solar oven.
The solar oven has proven to be a good fit for me. It allows me to prep food while I’m working through my coffee in the morning, put it in the Solavore Sport and come home to a beautifully cooked meal. The slow cooking aspect of the Sport makes it ideal for cooking long grain brown rice, which on a stove takes an hour and requires careful attention. I got home last night too tired to make dinner and when I woke this morning, I had dinner for breakfast; a tuna steak pan-fried with veggies on a bed of sun-cooked ginger rice. 10 minutes start to finish. Flavored rice has become my first solar go-to.
— Doug L. Culebra, PR