What our customers are saying about the Solavore Sport:

I admit that I have tried to build solar cookers myself in the past with unsatisfactory and/or disastrous results (“Crunchy rice AGAIN, Mom!?!”). So, imagine my joy when I watched the internal temperature in my new Solavore Sport solar oven rise to over 225*F in 15-20 minutes! I was jumping up and down! The Solavore Sport oven is worth the investment, because it WORKS. It is rugged, tough, and durable enough to last a lifetime! The reflectors withstand strong winds. I use my Solavore Sport in my Florida backyard and while cruising on my sailboat regularly. The results are fantastic — I can roast two 4-lb whole chickens in the pots provided in 4 hours, and the roaster chickens are golden on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside! Additionally, I cook beans, rice, cakes, BBQ pulled pork, bread, cornbread, brownies, apple pie, cookies, pizza, potatoes/eggs/roasted vegetables/corn-on-the-cob (no water required for vegs), etc. I honestly think everything tastes better! Using the Solavore Sport, I never “mess up” the rice, and it’s impossible to burn anything! It’s the crockpot/slow-cooker of the future! Great company, great personnel, great humanitarian component, and great service. I’m hooked — solavore for life!
— Heather M., FL
solavore sport testimonial
I knew that I wanted a solar cooker — we live in L.A., so there’s really no excuse not to have one. I looked around online and found that yours had the best long-term reviews — no off-gassing, no peeling of the insides.
I’ve been surprised at how many people in L.A. have never even heard of a solar cooker. I feel like this city is a market for you waiting to happen!
— Maraya C., Los Angeles, CA
I’m a single, overworked video producer, telecommuting from a little island hideaway in Puerto Rico. The solar oven has proven to be a good fit for me. It allows me to prep food while I’m working through my coffee in the morning, put it in the Solavore Sport and come home to a beautifully cooked meal. The slow cooking aspect of the Sport makes it ideal for cooking long grain brown rice, which on a stove takes an hour and requires careful attention. I got home last night too tired to make dinner and when I woke this morning, I had dinner for breakfast; a tuna steak pan-fried with veggies on a bed of sun-cooked ginger rice. 10 minutes start to finish. Flavored rice has become my first solar go-to.
— Doug L., Culebra, PR
I’ve had the Solavore Sport for about a year now. Love cooking meatballs with the Solavore Sport when I’m tailgating at sporting events/concerts or at the beach.
— Nathan P., Gardner, Massachusetts
“We love our solavore! We’ve already cooked in it several times. We use it at home for cooking lunches and dinners. We organize a neighborhood sustainability group and as a group, we made inexpensive solar cooker boxes, but we wanted something sturdier than a cardboard box. Something we could take camping and use on a daily basis. We’re quite happy with the Solavore product. I like that it has two pots so I can cook meat in one and vegetables in the other. It’s quite versatile.”
— Leslie M.
We purchased the Solavore Sport a few years ago and have been so happy that we did. The meal I cooked was 1 inch thick pork chops and the dessert found in the manual with the wilderness cherry pie filling and devils food cake mix. I must say I was curious as to how the meal would turn out. After about 3 or 4 hours, I checked the pork chops and they were ready. It was the most delicious meal ever. My cute 91 year old Mom just couldn’t believe it could cook all of this IN THE SUN! She kept saying, “It is a miracle how that little oven could cook like that!” I must say the pork chops were so moist - just delicious and the dessert was fantastic. Yes, we love our Solavore Sun Sport Solar Oven.
— Carolyn T., Salt Lake City, Utah
Thank YOU and your company for making such a great cooker! I saw an article in Mother Earth News by chance, and it was profiled along with other solar ovens. We’ve been going through a nasty heat spell in Oregon, so I thought it would be great to cook outside instead of inside, and it’s been amazing. I also appreciate the recipes section of your website. I check the weather now every day to see if it will be sunny enough to cook outside. Thanks again!
— Andrea N., Portland, OR
solavore sport testimonial
This solar oven under my right arm is now marketed by Solavore. The “Sport Solar Oven”. The bread is fresh out of the solar oven and is a multi grain whole wheat. The yeast is European Style instant dry yeast and can rise as it is being baked...........Yes!!!! no need to have the dough rise outside the oven..........not even once. And i have kept this yeast for over a year without refrigerating and in the tropics. You can buy about a pound of it for under 5 bucks. I have used these ovens for over 10 years and they are still going strong, even after being left out on deck in the sun, rain and a salt water environment. It has paid for itself many times over in saved propane and no need to watch over it.........i can put the bread in the oven in the morning..........go fishing or windsurfing with no worries and check it in the early afternoon to see if the crust is nice and brown.....Besides bread i have baked chile, brown rice, fish, lobster, chicken, veggies, potatoes, etc........Oh, fish may only need 5 to 15 minutes and hard boiled eggs do not need to be baked in water. Hey, the fuel (Sun) is FREE!!!

John L., PR
I ordered a solar oven for my daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas. As it got closer to the time I started thinking they might think it was a really weird present and I started giving all kinds of disclaimers. Well - they LOVED it! I mean, they are absolutely thrilled. They live in Colorado and are huge outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, climbing, etc. They are a part of a big outdoors group there as well and they definitely liked the solar oven better than anything else.
— Kelly, Austin, TX
This is my second Sport solar cooker. The first one, I still have, I got from SOS.
I am off the grid and use my solar cooker for meals during the hot summers. I have a propane kitchen stove but don’t like to heat up the house during hot days. I have great success cooking with it and have been able to get others to also purchase one for themselves.
I love your recipe section. And check in every now and then for new recipes! I plan on buying another one as a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride. My mother-in-law got one, a neighbor is planning on buying one soon and a friend also bought one.
What really turned me on about this company was the fact that it helps the women in under developed countries.
— Suzi D.
Hello, I have cooked broccoli and summer squash, heated frozen been soup and made several batches of herbal tea. Works well. I’m going to attempt salmon fillet and green beans tomorrow.

Very impressed with the design and construction, plan on using it regularly.
— Emil S.
solavore sport testomonial
I picked up a brochure at the MN state fair several years ago, and game across it a few weeks ago. I ordered it for my husband’s birthday. We will be using the oven as we sail on Lake Superior. My husband LOVED the oven, and baked potatoes the first day we had it. We are going to try affixing it to the roof of our car when we take a trip from MN to TX. our kids think it is cool, they are both campers and road trippers.
— Janelle, MN
solavore sport camping
While I am new to solar cooking, I have been interested in trying it for several years. My knowledge of your product dates back to when the operation was run by the Solar Oven Society, and the oven was shown on their website, maybe around 2009-2010.

We have not had much sun here in Kentucky since my unit arrived, but I did set up at about 11 AM and 50 deg F on a clear Solstice day, without the reflector. By solar noon (about 12:30 PM, I had a temperature of 205 deg F inside, and a pot of cooked rice to proudly show to my wife. I expect to do much more, soon.

While we live in Lexington, we keep a boat on Norris Lake near Knoxville TN, and spend quite a bit of time there. I dislike dragging propane bottles down to the dock, or having an open flame on the boat. This is where the Solavore comes in. Because it is lightweight and stows easily either in a dock locker or on the boat, it will get a lot of use there.

Best Wishes for this venture! The product is very good, and I am looking forward to having a lot of friends see it and try my cooking!
— John Z., KY
solavore sport on the beach
I’ve always loved wandering through camping stores just to see the merchandise. Never had time, in the past, to really plan a camping trip. But those days are coming to an end. With 3 young boys, we will be camping quite a bit.

I’ve seen your product in the past, but it was a YouTube video about processing and purifying beeswax that caught my attention. It is for this reason I bought the unit. Secondary use will be camping.
— Tim P.
I live in the desert and have three children under the age of five at home. Heat and chaos is a way of life for us! I love my Solavore Sport for three reasons. First, it keeps my home cool in the hot Phoenix sun. Second, it is a quick and easy way to prepare healthy and delicious meals for my family. Third, it teaches my children about using a renewable energy source.

When I moved to Phoenix I questioned other parents how they prepared food for their family. It took no time for me to figure out that it is way too hot outside to be turning on the oven and the stove inside. I didn’t want to heat up my home and sweat away in the kitchen. Many people use their crock-pots but I have had limited success with my crock-pot meals. They are also difficult to clean. Enter my solar oven and I have solved the heat and clean-up problems! I love putting the ingredients in the Solavore, walking outside, placing the oven down, and walking away. When the time has passed I bring my baked and roasted dish inside ready to eat. Clean up is extremely easy as well. I love that I can prepare healthy meals easily with simple clean-up. My girls especially enjoy helping make the famous Solavore carrot cake.

My children also learn the power of solar energy. Why not use the sun while living in the Valley of the Sun, as Phoenix is called? Our local electric company has an energy and cost saving deal. We are not to use our major appliances, including the oven, from noon-7pm. This makes it difficult to prepare dinner in the oven early enough to feed my family. I like that I am not only feeding them healthy and delicious snacks and meals but I am modeling a positive way to use our resources. I bake cakes, make granola, roast vegetables, and prepare my chicken dishes at any time of day and without any impact to the environment.

My solar oven now allows me to bake and roast to my heart’s content while teaching my children about renewable energy resources. The Solavore Sport is a tool that makes my life as a busy mom easier. Now, when other parents ask me how I keep my home cool I tell them all about my Solavore.
— Clare L., Phoenix, Arizona
I love mine more every time I use it. ... As I was cooking up some fresh beets and also some pinto beans from dried ones today — I was thinking how much I love cooking with it — and even more so tonight when I ate them. The pinto beans are actually for a salad tomorrow — but I watched them boil in the oven early afternoon. With summer’s heat, it makes even more sense to use it more now than ever. I will be doing just that. In north-central Vermont, it works great!
— Nancy Rae Mallery, Publisher Green Energy Times Bradford, VT
I am experienced in solar cooking. I enjoyed building my oven but it was a monstrosity that took so much effort to use due to its size, that I eventually quit using it. The Solavore’s light weight is as important to me as how well constructed it appears to be. I also did lots of experimentation with the angle of my reflectors to the oven. I found that the optimal angle was between 65-70 degrees. It appears that the Solavore reflectors are at that angle as well.
— Brad Dawson
solavore solar oven testimonial