Solavore Sport Double Stuff

double stuff with reflector.jpg
double stuff with reflector.jpg

Solavore Sport Double Stuff


Two ovens, two reflectors. Double dose of all accessories, including carrying cases.

Efficiency. It’s one of our core values.

For the sake of container-scale shipping efficiency, the Sport was designed to nest. But stackability also means we can ship two as easily as one. Order two--for a second home, a neighbor, your child's school--and we’ll pass the cost savings on to you.

  • Housing is made from rugged nylon plastic for weatherability and durability. No BPA's

  • It's tough but light, each oven is only 9 pounds

  • Insulation is one inch closed-cell foam, does not absorb moisture.

  • The lid's double layer creates dead air space for enhanced insulation.

  • The oven holds two 10-inch pots (included) or your favorite lasagna pan.

  • Detachable reflector, high performance mirror-like finish

  • The floor dimension of the oven is 9 1/4 inches x 17 1/2 inches- yes, you can bake cookies!

  • All oven components are made in the USA.

  • Uses no fossil fuel - only the free energy of the sun.

  • SHIPPING is FREE in the continental United States. Please see our international shipping quote page if you are interested in arranging shipment outside the US.

Best of all – your purchase helps to bring the healthy magic of solar cooking to families all around the world. 

Each Solavore Sport comes with:

  • two Granite Ware pots (3 quarts each) with lids

  • TR-86 high performance detachable reflectors

  • Solavore Stow-or-Go Carrying Case 

  • oven thermometer

  • water pasteurization indicator (WAPI)

  • user manual with quick-start solar cooking recipes

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