Cook With The Sun: Solavore Solar Oven Review on

Solavore Sport solar oven review on

The Solavore solar oven is a portable cooking compartment that focuses and retains the sun’s rays to bake a meal without any electricity or gas.

We tested the brand’s flagship Solavore Sport at GearJunkie headquarters to see how practical (and delicious) a set-it-and-forget-it solar cooker really is.

What Is Solavore?

Formerly the non-profit company Solar Oven Society (SOS), Solavore became a for-profit business after Anne Patterson took the reigns in 2015.

Despite the change in ownership and business model, Solavore maintained its mission to improve the lives of women in the developing world by making solar ovens more accessible. Typically, women in these areas forego school and career to cook for their families, often on potentially lethal indoor wood-burning stoves. Read the rest of the review here.