Solavore Launch Press Release


May 11, 2015


Solavore Sport Promotes Clean-Cooking Technology Around the World

(Austin, Texas) – Solavore, LLC announces the launch of the Solavore™ Sport solar oven, promoting clean-cooking technology around the world. Via profits from the sale of the Sport, Solavore aims to empower women through “caring capitalism.Solavore is a women-owned business, founded by CEO Anne Patterson, who took over production of the well-respected Solar Oven Society’s (SOS) ovens in 2015. Founded in 1995 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, SOS originally developed Solavore’s flagship product, the Sport solar oven, the industry leader in price, performance, family-size capacity and rugged durability. After years of cooking in her prized SOS oven, Patterson resumed production of the Sport, with the same technology and mission in mind. 

Solavore is built on the belief that cooking fuels should be healthy and as abundant as sunlight. Solavore pledges to use profits from the Sport to provide healthy cooking fuel alternatives to wood, charcoal, kerosene and coal for women in sun-rich countries like Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Central America. In doing so, Solavore is reducing deforestation and carbon emissions and empowering women by providing a free cooking fuel and small-business incubation.

With all components of the solar oven proudly made in the United States, the Solavore Sport was purpose-built by solar-cooking engineers for maximum efficiency, durability, and ease of use. At just nine pounds and with sunshine as the only fuel required for cooking, the oven is easy for anyone to use and extremely portable. With its rectangular shape and low center of gravity, the Sport is one of the only solar ovens large enough to hold two pots and be physically stable against high winds and rambunctious children. One-inch rigid foam insulation keeps the heat inside while the exterior of the oven gets warm – not hot - to the touch, making it family friendly.

Most dishes that can be baked in a conventional oven or simmered on the stovetop can be cooked in a Sport solar oven. Slow cooker recipes are fantastic in the Sport, including rice, soups and slow-roasted meats such as pulled pork. The Sport yields consistent results with breads, cookies and cakes with no recipe adjustments required. The Sport can lower energy bills in the summer months when substituted for a standard oven, allowing for savings both on cooking energy and air-conditioning. The Sport is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles — bring it on your camping trip and enjoy hiking or fishing while dinner is slow-cooking unattended. No open fires (or firewood restrictions). 

The Sport retails for $229.50 for one oven with optional, detachable aluminum reflector sets available for $39.50 each. The aluminum reflectors extend the solar cooking range and allow cooking year-round — even up north, far from the Sun Belt. The “Double Stuff,” two ovens (stackability means two can be shipped as easily as one), sells for $485.50 and includes two detachable aluminum reflectors. Order two (for a second home, a neighbor, your child's school) and Solavore will pass the cost savings on to you. 


The Sport is currently for sale in Solavore’s online shop:

ABOUT: Solavore is a women-owned manufacturer of solar ovens whose mission is to promote clean-cooking technology around the world. The Solavore Sport oven was purpose-built by solar-cooking experts for maximum efficiency, durability and ease of use. The name “Solavore” rhymes with “locavore” and has a similar meaning: while a locavore is one who eats locally-grown food, a Solavore “eats of the sun”. Solavore pledges to use profits to remain independent and self-sustaining while providing clean-cooking alternatives to the world’s 4 billion people who are still cooking over open fires.

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