The Solavore Sport lid

We hope the following information answers your questions about condensation in your lid. Use the links below if you are interested in ordering a new lid or a Lid Repair Kit.

Our 3M research and design engineers shared the following incident with us:  every sheet of plastic is permeable by small hot molecules of moisture.  One of them was given the assignment to find a plastic that would seal a circuit that could only tolerate less than 1% humidity.  None was found.  After weeks of research they sealed the circuit with steel.

Initially we taped all four sides of the polyester film completely with tape overlapping at all four corners.  This presented greater challenge for moisture between the layers as it was very difficult to "dry out".  The best experiences we note for drying between the layers is to teeter the lid on one of its corners leaned up against a wall.  If necessary a toothpick can be inserted between the layers to encourage air flow.

Cooking food always gives off small molecules of hot moisture.  There is nothing to be done that will change this.

Significant for the Sport solar oven are a few pointers/comments:

1) Always empty the oven of any moisture from cooking by taking the pots of food out, tipping the oven to one of the front corners and pour out any collected moisture.

2) In the upper midwest we note the time of year when there is more condensation between the two layers is around equinox in the spring and fall both.  Areas closer to the coasts experience moisture between the two lids more often also.  Greater contrasts of temperatures from day time highs to cooling temperatures in the evening causes condensation also.

3) When cooking with items that need rehydration (rice, beans, etc.) there will be more moisture given off in the cooking. 

The Solavore Sport's tight seal will sometimes fog up during the cooking process.  Although you can’t see the food when this happens, the fogging is a good sign, because it means that all the moisture is being kept inside the cooking chamber so your meats will be moist, your veggies will keep all their juices and your breads and muffins won’t dry out.  When baking bread or muffins and you need to see if they're rising or browning, lift the lid slightly once or twice during the cooking process, quickly wipe the underside with a cloth and then reseal the lid so you can keep an eye on the food.  For meats, sauces and veggies no need to do this.

A replacement lid can be ordered at the following link: