How to Make Hardboiled Easter Eggs WITHOUT Water

The egg is seen around the world as a symbol of life and rebirth. Kind of like a Solavore getting to cook outside after a long winter!

With Easter around the corner you should know that cooking hardboiled eggs in your Sport is a synch.

Here is how it's done: 

Place six uncooked eggs into your GraniteWare pot, for around 1 ½ hours. More eggs, more time.


The number of eggs you need for Easter egg dying makes it a great way to test hard-boiled egg cook time for your region – determining the right amount of time to get the eggs to your favorite consistency.  

The hardest part will be remembering which batch is which when it comes time to crack the shell. (Try color coding your batches to make life easier)

Now get out there and enjoy some hardboiled goodness:) 

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