Solar BBQ Cooker

Baby Back Ribs (Also called Pork tenderloin ribs)

We're so excited for this recipe. Yes because it's so delicous but also because it was submited by a Solavore customer and friend Roger Stanton.

Take it away Roger...

When cooking BBQ ribs, there are two main objectives;

  1. Maintain a steady temperature over time.
  2. Keep the ribs moist.

The Solavore Solar Oven is perfect for both makes an amazing solar BBQ cooker.

Just look at these Ribs!

  Fall off the bone delicious! 

Fall off the bone delicious! 

Most recipes call for cooking the food item in the Sport cooking pots, but they are not needed here. Find a flat, dark colored pan that fits in the bottom of the oven to catch the juices as the ribs cook.

The small baking pans that come with countertop ovens are just about the right size. Optionally, you can use an upright rib rack. Whether you lay the rib rack flat down in the pan, or you use a rib rack, make sure the ribs don’t drip outside the underlying pan. That will make cleanup more difficult.


Preparing the Ribs

Preparing ribs for the Solavore oven is no different than how you would prepare ribs for a gas grill or smoker. Follow your favorite recipe. Optional steps might include:

  • removing the membrane from the bone side of the rib rack
  • brining
  • marinating (excellent option here)
  • applying dry rub (excellent recipe here)

Let the sun shine!

You'll need to generate around 225 to 250 degrees for at least five(5) hours,  so wait for a clear day.  If the ribs spent the night in the fridge, let them reach room temperature before placing in the oven.  Pre-heat the Sport while the ribs are coming to room temp.  Getting started by 10:00 am is a great idea - morning skies are generally clearer than afternoon.

  • Place the pan with the ribs in the oven
  • If you have reflectors you can use them at the start, then remove when the temp hits 225 degrees.  (If you don't have reflectors, no worries, you'll just add a bit more time). 
  • Watch the thermometer and start the clock when it reaches 225 degrees


Cook time

Method 1 - Cook for 5 hours at 250 degrees. They will be fall-off-the-bone tender and ready to eat with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Method 2 - Cook for 4 hours at 250 degrees. Remove them from the oven, baste them with a good BBQ sauce, and finish them in a gas grill at 350 degrees.

They will take on a rich, caramelized finish. Yum!

We hope you enjoy these Ribs cooked in our Solavore Sport Solar Oven, it's a great solar BBQ cooker. 

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