Solar Oven Tahini

Start early, the seeds roast all day for this recipe.


1.5 cups sesame seeds
2 T oil (grapeseed or olive oil)
pinch of salt


Set your Solavore Sport out in the sun to preheat.

Pour sesame seeds into a roasting pan or sheet pan that fits in the oven

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Solar BBQ Cooker

Solar BBQ Cooker

Back Ribs (Also called Pork tenderloin ribs)

We're so excited for this recipe. Yes because it's so delicous but also because it was submited by a Solavore customer and friend Roger Stanton.

Take it away Roger...

When cooking BBQ ribs, there are two main objectives;

  1. Maintain a steady temperature over time.
  2. Keep the ribs moist.

The Solavore Solar Oven is perfect for both makes an amazing solar BBQ cooker.

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Peanut Butter Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips

Got a sunny day and some really ripe bananas? This recipe is a hit with everyone, especially the kids.

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How to Make Hardboiled Easter Eggs WITHOUT Water

The egg is seen around the world as a symbol of life and rebirth. Kind of like a Solavore getting to cook outside after a long winter!

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Tiny House Revolution: 5 Tips For Your Off Grid Tiny House

With the right set up you can take your off grid tiny house almost anywhere and not have to concern yourself with finding a utility hookup.

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Welcome Spring!

You've battled your way through the windy, cold and icy days. You've woken up when it was still dark out, and you arrived home with no sunshine to spare. 

The dark days are over!

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The Best Camping Food: Deliciously Out Of This World!

We’ve all been there, the brief weekend camping trip where you only pack the essentials and pass on the extras. Instead of delicious meals cooked on your camping stove, maybe you settled for a couple cans of beans warmed up over the fire--not the best camping food in the world but it gets the job done.

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Surviving Camping With A Sweet Tooth: Top Camping Desserts

Being comfortable is important. Why would you spend all the time and energy to go camping just to miss out on some of the finer things in life?

Nothing finishes off a great, solar powered meal quite like a sweet, sun baked dessert

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