Tiny House - Big Flavor

My Tiny House RV doesn’t have a regular oven, but even if it did, I would use my solar oven when I was off-grid.
— Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey

The sun and the Solavore Sport pair up to serve you everything from hearty meals to baked goods - without using an inch of counter space.


  • The Sport takes the place of an oven and a crockpot - check out our recipes!
  • Easily moved, easily stored. Weighs only 9 lbs, made from rugged recycled plastic. Check out the Sport's equally rugged carrying case.
  • Keep your tiny house cool. Save on propane.
  • Slow cook, bake, or roast – you’ll never miss your fossil fuel oven!
Truly one of my best investments! Everything I’ve cooked has come out perfectly.
— Valerie Ryder Letelier

Here’s why the Solavore Sport tops Tiny House Giant Journey’s Jenna Spesard’s list of Eight Off-Grid Appliances I Can’t Live Without

solavore Sport solar oven at Tumbleweed Tiny House.jpg
  • Save space, save propane - without sacrificing flavor.  
  • You can store it outside.  It’s light, it’s durable.
  • It works. Even in passing clouds. Best insulated solar oven on the planet.
  • Cooks for 4-6 hungry people (or for two with awesome leftovers).
  • No glass, no hot surfaces, kid-safe and dog-safe.