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solavore sport solar cooker review on

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This type of solar cooker is a solar box oven, which means it works similar to a slow cooker or a crock pot. I adore crock pot cooking, I even "bake" things in crock pots, and I had not realized how similar these methods are until today. In the heat this summer, I've taken to plugging in crock pots out on the back porch to keep the heat outside of the house, and this is even better - no electricity needed at all! Plus, I think it's more secure from flies and critters since a crock pot lid has that edge between the lid and the pot that some times slips to make a gap and where flies could hang out and do their nasty things. 

The easy instructions talk about centering your shadow over the oven to make sure it's facing south. This was at about 10:20 a.m. facing a bit southeast. Check.