Sun to Table, May 2016

Celebrate Mom with a solar cooked brunch!

Thanks Mom!

I’m impressed by the number of mothers we sell to – from women buying a Solavore Sport as a gift to their outdoor and/or cooking-enthusiast grown children to moms with young children at home who are using solar cooking to instill an awareness of sustainability. Our mothers shape who we are, what we value, and how we lead. To that end, our May issue of Sun to Table celebrates them.

Sun-Inspired Mother’s Day Brunch
If Sunday, May 8 brings sunshine to your neck of the woods let the sun fuel your Mother’s Day brunch. This colorful shaved asparagus and prosciutto frittata showcases seasonal asparagus with a shave rather than a chop of spring’s favorite vegetable. The cherry chocolate chip scones show off your solar baking prowess - yet they’re fast and simple, in case little hands want to help.

Meet Kristin Laing, Solavore Webmaster, Social Media Master and... Mom
Love Solavore’s ‘Recipe of the Week’ on our Facebook page?  The amazing food photography on Instagram?  Not to mention the colorful, flavorful and healthy eating posts on Solavore’s recipe blog?  From cutting board to keyboard, Austin-based Kristin Laing manages Solavore’s test kitchen - from idea inception to broadcast of our sun-tested recipes to the digital world. With a diverse background encompassing both high-tech and creative arts as a jewelry designer, Solavore-as-social-enterprise is what first drew versatile and talented Kristin to the company upon her 2014 completion of yoga teacher training, when graduates were challenged to live a life of caring and sharing leadership “off the mat”.  When she’s not web-mastering and and all things digital for the business side of Solavore, Kristin is mom to first-grader Fiona, pictured here (and, not surprisingly – throughout our website).  Fiona is a voracious reader with a surprising talent for hiphop dance – and of course a budding Solavore. Well done, Mom!

Solavore Works in Kenya- Sharon's Story
Meet Sharon Katimwa Kasaine, a Solavore project manager in Kenya.  Sharon is a Maasai Mara and a resident of Loitokitok village near the Kenya-Tanzania border.  Sharon holds a degree in integrated community development and speaks English, Maa and Swahili.  Sharon worked as an intern with Kenya wildlife services prior to joining the Solavore effort to introduce the Solavore Sport for both domestic and commercial use amongst the Maasai.  
Here’s Sharon’s story about her mother’s budding enthusiasm for solar cooking:

Before we use to cook mostly with firewood, at times if the woods are not dry they emit a very bad smoke that would affect the taste of the food, our eyes, our pots, and the babies would be moved to the sitting room to wait for the meals.  My mum loves ugali actually when I got the oven it was the first food that was cooked and since then we mostly cook ugali and beef.   She always bakes a cake when she visits my brother and sister.  When the children are around (my nephews and niece) she cooks rice, cakes and sausages and she purifies their drinking water. She can comfortably use the oven, it is a blessing because she is normally very busy and at times the children would eat leftovers or eat late but now she puts food in the oven sets an alarm to check on the progress and now serves them food in good time.

Good luck, Mum!

Meet Phyllis Patterson, Solavore Mom-in-Chief
I’d be remiss and quite possibly in trouble if our Mother’s Day tribute didn’t include a nod to my personal coach, cheerleader and mom, Phyllis Patterson. Phyllis owns two “Solavorés” (don’t ask me where the accent comes from, she’s not Italian), has gifted them to many a friend, mans the Solavore booth at her local farmer’s market and is an unflagging supporter of cooking with the sun, Solavore’s global mission, and of course the Solavore chief. Thanks, Mom.
Anne (l) and Phyllis (r), Jackson Hole, WY, Sept 2015, celebrating Phyllis’s 80-something birthday.

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