Sun to Table, April 2016

Asparagus tart recipe, Treehugger review and guest blogger Heather McCarthy.

Spring Cooking in the Solar Oven- Solavore Asparagus Tart

Nothing announces springtime like locally-grown asparagus. And nothing feels more like springtime than cooking outdoors, using only the power of the warm spring sun.  With a flavor meld of puff pastry, sun-roasted asparagus and rich Gruyere cheese, this Asparagus Tart looks and tastes company-best yet requires only the effort of an every-day basic.   Serve with spring greens dressed with a light vinaigrette for an unforgettable Sun-day brunch! Click here for the recipe.

Zero-carbon Cooking in a Lightweight Package:
Derek Markham Reviews the Solavore Sport for
Derek Markham ( is a digital dad with an analog streak, as comfortable with a smartphone as he is with pencil and paper.  Derek covers Technology and Solar Technology for, a leading online media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.  Treehugger recently asked Derek to review the Solavore Sport.
In his review, Derek suggests that the simplest and most accessible way for most of us to use the power of the sun in our day-to-day living is to cook our food with it using a solar oven, positioning Solavore's Sport model as  “the gateway appliance to cleaner cooking”.  Read more here.      
The bottom line for Derek: “Using the Sport is almost ridiculously simple.” 

McMermaids take to the sea- with their Solavore Sport
Heather McCarthy and her husband Dan are research scientists at Jacksonville (FL) University who are currently on-board their sailing vessel Jullanar, a 6-month working sabbatical.  In this guest article for Solavore Sun to Table, Heather reports on the getting to know their newest crew member, their Solavore Sport.    
When this family of five tossed their land lines and sailed away on a six-month sabbatical journey, they only had an inkling of how the Solavore Sport would earn its place as “essential galley gear” on their sailboat s/v Jullanar (  At the dock or anchored out, the crew of s/v Jullanar been solar-cooking up a “storm!”  Not only does the Solavore Sport provide delicious, easy meals for the family, it is also a great conversation-starter with folks they meet along the way and a profound way to show the power of renewable solar energy to their three daughters (aka “the McMermaids”). 
It was a big decision whether to bring the Solavore Sport onboard their small 29-foot sailboat, since every square inch of space is extremely valuable for storage or living.  However, Heather McCarthy (aka “Mama Mermaid”) has this to say about that, “It’s a space trade-off that's worth it to us. This solar oven keeps the galley cool, saves propane, saves my time, and has opened up a whole new world of foods that I would never have dreamed of cooking while cruising -- slow-cooking foods that just take too long on a propane stove -- like bread, cakes, dried beans, rice, roasted meats and vegetables.  The Sport will roast two whole chickens in four hours!” 
Traveling onboard s/v Jullanar through rough seas and howling winds has put the Solavore Sport through quite a few (unintended) “durability tests.”  This family reports that the Sport definitely lives up to its reputation as the toughest solar oven on the market.  Their Solavore Sport has taken quite a few tumbles inside the boat – no damage.  These sailors can also attest that the reflectors have withstood whistling winds with impressive resilience and sturdiness.  When the sunny tropics heat up and the clear blue Caribbean ocean calls, Mama Mermaid is thrilled to throw cornbread batter in one pot and beans-and-rice in the other pot, close her Solavore Sport with no fear of fire or burning food, and let the sun do all the work while she enjoys an afternoon snorkeling with her little mermaids!  
The bottom line for Heather:  “The Solavore Sport oven is worth the investment, because it WORKS. “

Solavore Works in Nepal
Nepal is a whirling dervish of a country: against a serene backdrop of breath-taking natural beauty and resilient people, one heart-breaking challenge after another spins incessantly.   A year ago this month, the Gorkha earthquake shook Nepal, killing over 8,000 people and injuring more than 21,000.   And while villagers struggled to put their lives back together yet another fuel blockade all but stopped shipment of LPG (cooking fuel) from India, on whom landlocked Nepal depends for fuel, food, and medicinal supplies.
Nepali villagers by a water fountain.  Photo courtesy of Alan Bigelow,
Imagine how thrilled we were this month to receive word from the Foundation for Sustainable Technology (FoST) in Kathmandu, “Based on the interest of the communities in high altitudes, FoST is interested to promote Solavore in Nepal”.  We sent our first two ovens over this month.  We’ll start slowly, one or two ovens at a time, building upon the success of cooking Nepalese cuisine in the Solavore Sport at altitude.  May the sun shine on your cooking!

Spread the Solavore Word
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