For a limited time, receive $40 off a Solavore Sport solar oven with reflector. Pay only $229 using promo code "XKI8LFQ".

With a Solavore Sport you will enter the world of solar cooking, a unique style that combines best of slow cooker and conventional oven cooking. You can make delicious meals whenever it's sunny enough to see your shadow, whether it's on the trail or in your backyard. No electricity or fuel required! 

You’ll be amazed at the versatility of the Solavore Sport.  Your favorite slow-cooker recipes plus baked breads, cakes and cookies and more.

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solavore sport solar oven outdoor cooking
how the solavore sport solar oven works

For a limited time, receive $40 off a Solavore Sport oven with reflector. Pay only $229 using promo code "XKI8LFQ".

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10 Reasons Why The Solavore Sport Will Make Your Next Meal Better


1. Fuel-free, planet-friendly: The only fuel ever required is sunshine.

2. Easy: If you can use a crockpot, you can cook with the Solavore Sport.  No burning. Food is tasty and clean up is a breeze.

3. Feed a crowd:  With the Sport’s two 3-qt pots you can feed 8-10 people.  Or use one pot for spicy jerk chicken and the other for savory long grain organic brown rice.  Or bake a two-layer carrot cake from scratch (we’ll share our recipe). 

4. Healthy:  Food cooks slowly, no boiling.  No vitamins leached away.  And you’ll notice the taste difference: moist, tender, and intense flavors

5. Safe: No fire or smoke. It won’t tip over or blow over.  Curious little hands won’t get burned.

6. Portable: At just 9 pounds, take it with you. Dinner’s ready before you get your hiking boots off!

7. Fun: Nobody is stuck in the kitchen.  The Sport - and the sun - do the work. 

8. Be prepared:  The Solavore Sport can pasteurize water and cook dinner in the event of a disaster or emergency.

9. Proven: We’ve used the same design for over 15 years.  It’s the favorite among solar cooking experts around the world.

10. Doing good:  When you buy a Sport you help to put out an indoor cooking fire somewhere in the world.  Save trees, make a family healthy.  Now that could be the most important reason of all to buy a Solavore Sport.

Solavore Sport Solar Oven- For a limited time only $229 complete with reflector using promo code "XKI8LFQ"


  • Casing is made from rugged nylon plastic for weatherability and durability. No BPA's.
  • It's tough but light, only 9 pounds.
  • Insulation is one inch closed-cell foam, does not absorb moisture.
  • The lid's double layer creates dead air space for enhanced insulation.
  • The oven holds two 10-inch pots (included) or your favorite lasagna pan!
  • The floor dimension of the oven is 9 1/4 inches x 17 1/2 inches- yes, you can bake cookies!
  • All oven components are made in the USA.
  • Uses no fossil fuel - only the free energy of the sun.

Best of all – your purchase helps to bring the healthy magic of solar cooking to families all around the world. 


Each Solavore Sport comes with:

  • two granite ware pots (3 quarts each) with lids
  • oven thermometer
  • water pasteurization indicator (WAPI)
  • user manual with quick-start solar cooking recipes

Add optional detachable reflectors to extend your solar cooking range. Great for baking. Cook year-round - even up north, far from the sun belt. Just $39.50.


1.  Select Oven with reflector and add to cart.

2. Enter Promo Code "XKI8LFQ" on the checkout page.  Your $40 savings will be reflected in your total.