There is no better place than Culebra to enjoy the benefits of solar cooking.


Whether it’s rice & beans (arroz y habichuelas) or coq au vin, caramel flan or carrot cake – with the Solavore Sport you simply “set it and forget it”.   Food never burns or boils dry, and since you use less (or no water) it’s healthier – vitamins and nutrients stay put.   You’ll want to try all of your family favorites in the light of the sun!

Solar cooking in Culebra is a natural.  We have hours of sunshine virtually every day, even with morning showers or the occasional afternoon squall.   And what’s also true about living in Culebra are the beaches, waves, boats (or a hammock in the shade) beckoning.  Who wants to spend the afternoon tending dinner over the stove?

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Solavore Sport Solar Oven

from 229.50


  • Casing is made from rugged nylon plastic for weatherability and durability. No BPA's.
  • It's tough but light, only 9 pounds.
  • Insulation is one inch closed-cell foam, does not absorb moisture.
  • The lid's double layer creates dead air space for enhanced insulation.
  • The oven holds two 10-inch pots (included) or your favorite lasagna pan!
  • The floor dimension of the oven is 9 1/4 inches x 17 1/2 inches- yes, you can bake cookies!
  • All oven components are made in the USA.
  • Uses no fossil fuel - only the free energy of the sun.

Best of all – your purchase helps to bring the healthy magic of solar cooking to families all around the world. 


Each Solavore Sport comes with:

two granite ware pots (3 quarts each) with lids

oven thermometer

water pasteurization indicator (WAPI)

user manual with quick-start solar cooking recipes

Add optional detachable reflectors to extend your solar cooking range. Great for baking. Cook year-round - even up north, far from the sun belt. Just $39.50.

WHEN YOU ORDER (Special instructions for Culebra shipments)

1.  Select "Puerto Rico" in the Country drop down.  You will see a charge of $15 appear on your order total.
2.  Enter Promo Code "culebra" on the checkout page.  This will give you your $15 back!