Solavore Roast Turkey

solar oven roast turkey recipe from the Solavore blog

Roasting a 20-lb turkey stuffed with dressing is a job best left to your conventional oven; even the USDA recommends cooking stuffing separately for optimal safety and uniform doneness.  However, that doesn’t mean solar-cooked turkey and dressing is off the menu.  In fact, the moist tenderness you’ve come to expect from roasting in the Solavore Sport may shift your holiday menu to the sun for good.  Use one pot for turkey, one pot for dressing or your family’s favorite side dish and the feast is on!

Combos that work

As with chicken, cutting the turkey into pieces and arranging them loosely in your GraniteWare pots works better for solar oven cooking than roasting whole. You can, however, roast a turkey breast with back and sides intact – a 6-pound breast fits snugly in one pot. For dark meat, use a combination of legs and thighs.  In either case, fill the cavity and/or empty spaces with quartered onions, celery tops, and peeled carrots. Crumble a chicken bouillon cube into the bottom of the pot for a flavor boost for the gravy yet to come. Rub the turkey with melted butter and season generously with salt and pepper. No need to add liquid; you’ll have plenty of savory juices as a by-product of solar cooking.  

solavore roast turkey

Place the pot(s) in the Solavore Sport.  Cook 3-4 hours at 225º-275º, using reflectors if necessary to reach temperature. Be sure to get an early start (10:00 am) if preparing this dish in November or December – the sun is low in the sky this time of year! Test for doneness using a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest portion of the meat.



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