DIY Glamping: Only Using The Sun's Energy

Glamping: glamorous camping.

Life is all about the balance right? We want to be outdoors, it’s crucial for us to get out and experience nature. However, when it comes to sleeping, we don’t necessarily want to rough it each time and go traditional camping. And hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! So instead of going camping- we go glamping. We get to hike all day, swim, explore, adventure and come back to a- dare we say- “cute” place to hang out for the evening. 

A comfy place with pillows and blankets, a home cooked meal made from the sun’s energy, lights, maybe even a bed...all the while still enjoying the great outdoors and harnessing the sun’s energy.

You can pay to go glamping, which can totally be worth it, or you can go diy glamping. Below we have tips and ideas for your glamping experience. 

Anywhere you can traditionally camp, you can glamp in some form or another. Because we are big advocates on solar energy, our diy glamping tips are solely reliant on the sun! No outlets needed for this glamping experience. 


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You have lots of options as far as what type of shelter you choose to stay in, make or purchase. 

If you are ready to diy, then we suggest building an a-frame tent. All you need is drop cloth and some wood and you can easily build a safe and cozy structure. 

If you are making an a-frame tent we suggest having a thick piece of wood that holds up the sides and goes through the middle of the tent so that way you can hang different items on it!

You can also stay in a yurt, pergola, caravan, teepee or tree house if you don’t want to go the diy route. You can spruce up anything to give it a glamping feel. 

Bedroom Decor

You can do so much with diy glamping. The trick is to be practical, glamours and comfy all at the same time. 

Bring fun things such as a type writer or journal, gather some pinecones and make a cool table display that you will actually use too!

You can bring a mirror to place in your tent, side tables and whatever other decorations you want. Get creative and have fun.

Glamping is all about comfort. So bring on the pillows, blankets, cushions and air mattresses for your “bedroom.” 

 For ease and comfort we recommend using an air mattress. You can place fluffy blankets and pillows onto your bed for maximum comfort. Duvets work great as blankets. 

For ease and comfort we recommend using an air mattress. You can place fluffy blankets and pillows onto your bed for maximum comfort. Duvets work great as blankets. 

If you have the room to lug it with you, use a real mattress, or bring lots of cushions to place on the ground. 


Another option is to blow up a child’s pool and fill it will blankets and pillows. 

Use toppers and different bed linens on your bed. 

It really just depends on how far you are going and how much room you have in your car for bedding. 

Think comfort :) 

You can find lots of campsites around the country that will allow you to pull your car up really close to the site so that way you don’t have to walk very far.


You have to have fun lights when you go glamping. Because we are big solar energy advocates, we recommend getting solar powered string lights. You can get these from stores such as Target or World Market. Make sure that if you are hanging lights in your tent that you charge them during the that way they actually light up when it gets dark. 

You can hang lights from the wood beam that you use to make your a-frame tent or string them in trees around the campsite, or your backyard if that’s where you are diy glamping. 

Lanterns and candles are other options for your diy glamping experience. You can place lanterns or candles on tree stumps, on tables and side tables.

Food & Drink

An awesome thing about glamping? You don’t have to eat packaged food or beans out of a can. 

You can enjoy a home cooked meal, no matter where you are at using a solar oven. The Solavore Sport is our solar oven of choice- since we are Solavores :), which are people who cook by the sun! 

The Solavore Sport is only 9 pounds so even if you have a slight trek to your camp spot you can easily bring the Solavore Sport along- it has a carrying case, which makes it even easier. If you’re in your backyard, the Solavore solar oven gives you an excuse to not have to go inside and turn a regular oven on. 

You can bake or slow cook food in the solar oven. Anything you can place in a regular oven, including meat, you can cook in the Solavore Sport. It comes  with two graniteware pots but you can use any pots or pans, and even stack them on top of each other. 

The best part? The only energy you are using comes from the sun

The Solavore Sport is really durable, and essentially gorilla proof :) so you can literally set it and forget it. Neither animals or children will knock it over. The housing is made from rugged recycled nylon plastic for weatherability and durability. No BPA's. The outside doesn’t get hot, so no little hands will get burned. 

The pots, however, do get hot! One would hope so :) 

As far as glamping drinks, there are endless options. Make a punch and bring it along. Soda, lemonade, whipping up chai tea, hot chocolate or making a delicious campsite cocktail are all great options! 

For glassware: mason jars are a classic, if those are too heavy or you have little ones, then you can decorate some plastic cups and bring them along. That would be a fun craft to get excited for your diy glamping trip. 

Don’t forget to bring whatever silverware you need. You can save on plastic and just bring your regular silverware, or if your glamping trip has a theme, then you can purchase decorated plastic silverware. 

DIY Glamping Checklist

  • tent or some sort of shelter 
  • air mattress or cushions 
  • bedding 
  • soft Blankets 
  • pillows- lots of pillows! 
  • table/side tables (check to see what your campsite offers) 
  • lights - solar powered tea lights, lanterns and candles (make sure your solar lights are charged!)
  • tent decor (does your glamping trip have a theme?)
  • solar oven - we recommend the Solavore Sport 
  • food ingredients/ prep 
  • drinks / cups 
  • silverware/plates/serveware 
  • bug spray 
  • comfy, soft clothes 
  • toilet paper 
  • shampoo/soap 
  • towels 
  • chairs 

There are endless options for glamping. You can go extreme and extravagant or you can pick and choose to make your traditional camping trip a little bit more glamourous. The most important part is that you get out in nature- enjoy the sun- cook with the sun-  harness the sun’s energy- get comfy- and most importantly enjoy yourself. If you’ve been glamping before and have some diy hacks, please share with us. We’d also love to see your photos via social media. Happy diy glamping! 

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