Tiny House - Big Flavor

Truly one of my best investments! Everything I’ve cooked has come out perfectly.
— Valerie Ryder Letelier

The sun and the Solavore Sport pair up to serve you everything from hearty meals to baked goods - without using an inch of counter space.

  • Easily moved, easily stored. The Solavore Sport weights only 9lbs
  • The Sport takes the place of an oven and a crockpot - check out our recipes!
  • Store it outside? No problem. Made from rugged recycled plastic. Check out the Sport's equally rugged carrying case.
  • No glass, no hot surfaces, safe for children and animals
  • It won’t make your tiny home unbearably hot like a regular oven would
  • Uses no propane. Twice weekly solar cooking can double the life of your propane tank.
  • The Solavore Sport has even heat, making it an efficient - and amazingly awesome - kitchen appliance! 

My Tiny House RV doesn’t have a regular oven, but even if it did, I would use my solar oven when I was off-grid.
— Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey
solavore Sport solar oven at Tumbleweed Tiny House.jpg

Here’s why the Solavore Sport tops Tiny House Giant Journey’s Jenna Spesard’s list of Eight Off-Grid Appliances I Can’t Live Without

  • The Solavore Sport solar oven cooks for a crowd with two 3-qt GraniteWare® pots (included with purchase).
  • Choose between an array of pans - two bread loaf pans, your favorite lasagna pan, or cookie sheet – whatever’s inspiring you today
  • Easily stored.  Rugged recycled-plastic - housing is tough but light.
  • At 9 pounds, you can hang it up on the side of the house. Check out the Sport carrying case.
  • Powered only by the sun, and not afraid of passing clouds.  With 1” surround insulation, if you can see your shadow you can cook.
  • Save propane without sacrificing flavor.  
  • No glass, no hot surfaces, kid-safe (and dog-safe).


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